100 in Orgo!

Today I got my final grade for Orgo I and I almost couldn’t believe it, I got a 100!!! To me is not just a 100, is the reflection of all the hard work and time we put into this crazy dream of becoming a doctor. When I decided to start taking my per-requisites I was so afraid of failing; I never had to take a science class during my undergrad. I remember the first day of gen chem I didn’t even know the elements in the periodic table, all the kids fresh out of high school seemed to know it all. I struggled, I cried I had to work extra hard, but I got through gen chem I, II,Bio I and II all with A’s…but then Orgo… I heard so many horror stories that I didn’t even know what to expect, again my fears came back, would I make it? is this for me? well I decided to work even harder, even after long work days when I felt I couldn’t study anymore I kept going… my passion and my determination helped me to overcome my fears and believe in myself.

I just want to say that the most important thing I learned from Organic chemistry is that I will make it as long as I work harder every time, as long as I keep putting all my heart into this crazy dream I will make it. Is not a particular class that defines you, is up to you to be the best you can be and make your dreams come true!!!


Very well put and a great lesson! Congratulations on your achievement!


That is outstanding! I only hope I can do somewhat as well.

Wow, that is so fantastic! Congratulations.