16week Orgo vs. 7week Orgo

Hello all,
I am a nontraditional student (career changer), who has finished the bulk of my medical school prerequisites over the previous year. The remaining three courses that I still have to complete includes Organic 1&2, as well as Biochemistry. I have been given the opportunity to take these courses at a different University that offers Organic 1 during the first 7weeks of the Fall semester, and Biochemistry the second 7weeks of the Fall semester. I would finish Organic Chemistry 2 during the first 7weeks of the Spring semester (spring 2022). My post-bacc gpa is a 4.0, and my cumulative gpa is a 3.86. I see it as a benefit to complete the courses quicker in order to give myself more time to study for the MCAT. Ultimately I am asking whether or not it is foolish to take accelerated coursework?

I just finished an accelerated Physics II course! It was 7 weeks long. I am curious too from the perspective of what it looks like to ADCOMS to see accelerated coursework. The vein of thought that I used when making my decision was based on the following:

  1. Can I handle the accelerated coursework? Do I have the time to dedicate to exhaustive studying and still do well.
  2. How will it look to ADCOMS? A lot of schools are on a quarter system and those courses run 10 weeks long. I didn’t see much difference between 7 - 10 weeks. It also seems like a lot of med schools have 7 week units, so if anything I thought it would be add to my application.
  3. Am I willing to do whatever additional studying I will need to for the MCAT? I ended my physics course with an A+ but I do feel like when I begin MCAT studying in the spring, I’m going to have to give physics a bit of an additional focus.

Practically speaking, last semester I took Organic I, Genetics, and Microbiology. I spent the majority of my time studying for orgo. It’s definitely a demanding subject because there are just so many different facets you need to learn. If you are going to do I would make sure you limit other responsibilities/classes you have during that time because you will be very busy studying.