1st year of PreReqs down

Okay, its been about a year since I decided to do this. What a year! Deaths in the family, others going off the rails, and I just plodded along.

I’m glad its over.

Done: 3 biology classes, 2 chemistry, 3 psych, 1 english. I withdrew from one math class, wasn’t making the grade, cut the loss.

I actually have a 4.0 at this point, god knows how. I cratered my share of tests, and had to do mucho extra credit.

There’s still finals for this semester, but the family assembled at Turkey day toasted me for the effort, and said:

you did it. the 1st year is over, and you proved you can go back to school and make it.

that felt pretty good, despite some low moments in the year. to everyone struggling (esp. with math) I lift (a very occasional) a glass of wine and say:

semester end is coming! w00t!!

If there was a huge clapping emoticon, I’d use it.

GRATS!!! (and am so envious you’re well on your way!)