2003/04 officer nominations

Hey all, in several places, there are pinned topics that detail info regarding the nomination process for OPM’s rapidly upcoming officer elections for 2003/04. Please take a moment to consider if you would like to give a positions a run for a year or if you know of another member who you would like to see in a leadership role here in OPM.
All nominations are submitted to me, anonymously. You may feel free to nominate yourself or anyone else. You may nominate up to one person per positions available. And, if you nominate someone other yourself, that person will be contacted by me & given the opportunity to accept/decline the nomination – that way no one is uncomfortably on the spot, nor does anyone have to know who nominated them.
My e-mail is: DWKelley9@chartermi.net
Please give this serious consideration.

Okay, guys, I added this under another heading, but I want to put it here as well to emphasize the importance of leadership development and organization skills when completing your application for medical school.
Being a member of the executive committee is a great opportunity to show your leadership skills. It allows you to help our organization continue to grow and become even stronger.
We are nationally recognized by many now. I truly think that my participation in the group was of extreme importance in how my application was viewed, and therefore was important in my acceptance. I know that when I interviewed at WVSOM, I spoke about OPM and how it operates and all it has to offer, and the staff there was very receptive and interested in what we were doing.
So, take this opportunity now! Nominations close in just a few days, Feb. 22, unsure.gif so don’t pussyfoot around any longer. If you have skills to share then email Dave and nominate yourself. If you know of someone who has a lot to offer, then nominate them. rolleyes.gif Let’s keep our organization growing and improving as we venture into this year’s convention and the years to come!