2009 frustrations

Hi everyone.

I’m careening towards the conclusion that I might not get into school this year. This is my second year applying, and I still have a few safety schools I havent heard from, but it’s looking rather bleak at the moment. I’ve already been rejected by 1/3 of the schools I completed secondary apps for, leaving me with about 11 left to go.

Most of my secondaries were complete, including LORs, between October 10 and November 10.

I’ve already gone and taken the step of applying for the amcas fee assistance program, since i qualify this year, and my mcats are three years old (35N) so i need to retake them. I dont expect too much trouble this time.

I’m 33, graduated with my BS, MCL, in neurobio from the best public uni in my state (FL). I have three years of bench research under my belt and a publication, with another hopefully coming soon.

However, I also have enough baggage from previous attempts at school, right out of high school, 1994-1998, which coincided with a period of intermittent homelessness, and some run-ins with the legal system. The poor grades bring my numbers down (2.97 cGPA, 3.2 sGPA, from memory), but again, I graduated MCL, and had a 3.54 overall at my upper division school (coming from CC, where it was slightly higher) once i buckled down.

I have about 700 hours of volunteer service from the past 2-4 years, 300 of which have been in emergency rooms, including a general hospital in a major metro area. my LOR from that volunteer coordinator said she wrote me a very strong letter.

I’ve already drafted a letter to send out to the schools that have rejected me (asking what they thought my weak points were), but I’m wondering if anyone has any insights, maybe something i’m missing here. since i have to revise my personal statement regardless, it might help to adjust my theme a bit, which has been that my obstacles that i’ve overcome have been instrumental in my desire to become a physician.

As i said, i’m really starting to get a bit depressed about the whole endeavor (particularly its cost, as i was not able to get the fee assistance program for the 2008-2009 cycle), and it would help to maybe hear some success stories from others in my predicament, or strategies for getting in next time, if i dont this year.

So if I my arithmetic is correct, you applied to about 15 schools and are waiting to hear from about 11 and 4 have declined.

It seems you have yet to hear from a majority of schools. Stop worrying and think positive. I think the letter is a good start. Also maybe setting up an appointment with your local universities dean of admissions or equivalent would help give you some insight into areas you can bolster.

My thoughts are with you. Godspeed.

  • rigel Said:
… and some run-ins with the legal system.

I'm not prying but that one line... could it be those issues that are precluding your invite to interview?

Please know, I'm not asking what they are. If it is possible, any chance they could be expunged with a good lawyer?

Keep your chin up. Still 11 to go :)

Hey there!

11 schools to go is quite a lot! When I was applying I applied to 10 or 11 (sorry, already forgot).

It looks like you have to talk to the admission’s and ask what the problem is. It might be ‘the legal issues’ that keep you from getting accepted. You won’t know how to fix it if you don’t ask.

Also, while I know it’s not quite doable to visit in person all the schools that reject you, please try to meet or at least talk on the phone to admission people in at least 2 or 3 of them. The letter probably won’t work b/c they have many people like you trying to figure out how to fix their application for the future. It’s just impossible to reply to everybody and give them really good/ personalized advise.

Good luck and… don’t give up!

But if for some reason you won’t get accepted this year, do not spend any more $$$ for applying without figuring out what the problem is!