2010 MCAT examinees

Anyone else planning to take the MCAT in 2010? What resources are you using?

I’m planning to take the March exam and I’m primarly using TBR combined with the EK 1001 questions, EK biology prep, EK mini exams, and EK verbal book. Of course, I’m also using the AMCAS exams.

I’m planning on taking the MCAT in early July with a 2 month intensive Princeton (or Kaplan) before that. With lots of practice exams thrown it.


What Lynda said I’m taking mine in July 2010 as well… have the EK set and planning on taking Kaplan longer review (I’m taking ochem 2 at same time so not taking the intensive series).

That is, IF I get through physics. Ochem - easy. G chem - easy. Biology - easy. Physics? /sigh

I plan on taking the MCAT Jan 2010. I will be enrolling in PR online course. Until that time I am reviewing with EK, and Dr Ferdinand Mcat prep videos.

I used only the ExamKrackers prep set, Idiots Guide to Organic Chemistry, and took 6 practice tests. I had been out of college 12 years, in a non science field. I did not use the EK MCAT practice test, only the AAMC practice tests under simulated conditions. I would recommend the EK set, but add extra review of developemental biology. It was the only area on the real exam that was not covered, sufficiently, by EK. The EK books do a terrific job at a fraction of the price. Good luck, whatever you use.