26 Year Old Banker

I have been working as an investment banker focused on biotech and pharma companies for the last few years. After flirting with the idea my whole life, I have come to the realization that medicine would be the most fulfilling career for me.

As an undergrad (Emory, 3.42, Anthro/History dbl major) I took only minimal science classes and none of the pre-med requirements. I need to enroll in a post bacc program and I would like advice on the programs in New York.

The programs I am considering are Hunter, City College NY, NYU and Columbia. I am sure many of you have experience with these programs, so any advice or insight is greatly appreciated.

Also, if I start a program in the Spring, does that put me at a disadvantage or make the process more difficult?

And lastly, am I crazy for doing this?

Thanks much,


Just a quick note - you don’t need to enroll in a formal post-bacc program. You can take your med school pre-reqs on your own.

Welcome, and good luck!

What Emergency said! I’ve also heard more positive things about Hunter than I have about Columbia…plus the price tag is definitely cheaper if you are a resident of NY for Hunter.

Just realize that since you haven’t taken any of the prereqs yet, it will take you about 4 semesters (this is to take in the Chem I/II and organic Chem 1/II sequences). You can do the Biology or Physics in whatever order you want…although you might need to check if you need any prereqs for the physics (trig is usually a requirement).

Try not to take any classes in the summer. If you must, only take one of the classes and don’t let it be the first of the sequence. As summer is more condensed you’ll likely be having a lot more lecture/lab time during the week.

Best of luck! I’m originally from NY and miss it so much!

Oh no not another banker! Sorry, I have 15 years at JPMorgan Chase (technology). i am also in New York (Long Island). Columbia is good but quite competitive and dare I say snotty. Hunter, in addition to being say 1/3 the price, has an excellent reputation.

You also have the option of a Do it yourself (DIY) as so many schools in the city offer courses.

Good luck and keep us informed

Hi, I have done some research on which cuny college would have the best pre med programs and I believe City college is the best one. I am heading over there a semester from now to start my pre reqs. City college supposedly has a high student acceptance rate to the medical school of their choice. Brooklyn college and Queens college is great too based on friends opinions and what I read on their web page. I attended hunter for a year in the past and imo the college is really overpopulated. It is very difficult to register for the class of your choice because there is so many students.

Thank you all for the advice. I will keep the board posted.

You’re definitely not crazy for doing this!! I am also a 26 yr. old post bacc. I began my pre-med courses at Hunter, but I do not recommend doing so, unless you are superhuman and can deal w/ BS. To say Hunter overpopulated is an understatement. Hunter post-baccs register after the rest of the undergrads, so the few spots that are left open are in classes with less than steller profs. Even regular undergrads have issues graduating in 4 years due overcrowding/registration problems. I left to go to Hofstra and am happy there. (Although a private school, its way cheaper than NYU/Columbia.) Small classes are great for professor-student relationships, which are needed for good recs. Pre-med office is super helpful.

Have you settled on these or are you flexible enough to pick up and move? There are many very good programs out there.