30 y/o 3 kids busy husband..what am I thinking?

It is nice to finally find someplace where I can relate to people! I have been struggling with the idea of medical school for 7 years now. I am a Registered Dietitian and will be finishing nursing school this Dec. I thought each time that if I completed this degree, I would be happy. I am still searching for that!!! I find myself reviewing charts and diagnosis and reading the physicain notes instead of wanting to do my job. I have 3 small kids (6, 3, and 1) and a busy husband who just opened his own firm. I feel selfish for wanting to return and apply to med school but don’t think I will be content with working as a nurse/RD. Help!!

Hi Sara,

Welcome to Old Premeds! Totally understand where you are coming from, just know that at 30 you are still relatively young (I’m 42 going on 43) and med school is still a few years down the road. Medical school isn’t going anywhere, I would enjoy the time with the little ones as they grow so fast, and once you get into med school it’ll be a real time crunch, especially around the third year.


Thanks for your insight. I am also unsure about having to relocate my kids while they are in school. Of course my first choice will be applying to schools in state buf for residencies I am sure we will have to move. Has anyone experienced this situation?? Any tips??


I had a similar situation with not wanting to move that far and too often, because my husband is an attorney and with licensure/bar requirements as well as clients…it’s not a very mobile career to just up and start over in a new state. In the end, we will have to move for my medical school (although not out of state and only a few hours away), because there was only one MD school in my local area. Hopefully, it will not disrupt his career too much as his firm has an office in the city where I will be attending medical school. As far as residency, I am hoping to return to the city where are in as it is a metropolitan area, but who knows?

Anyhow, I am 29 going on 30. The medical school bug and did not go away at around 25/26 years. This whole process takes some time…even if you already have your science requirements and have some experience in a medically related field - some schools specifically like to see medical volunteering and general community work. Plus, you have study and take the MCAT…and apply which often takes years.

Although I agree that 30 is relatively young…I have to disagree with Krisss a bit. Sure, many people start this process in their 40’s or even 50’s and do well and enjoy long and fruitful careers. The benefit to them is that their children may young adults by the time clinical years and residency hits…BUT I certainly wouldn’t PLAN to put off and start medical school until your 40’s or 50’s if you know at 30 that you want to be a doctor.

Of course, you need to sit down and think about what is best for your family and if the dream is worth it, but I just don’t think it’s wise to put it off for 10 years on purpose.

Thanks for all of the info. I appreciate your feedback. I have alot of experience as a public health nutritionist for the health department here, so I am hopeful that will be to my benefit.

I am certain that I will not wait 10 years to apply, I don’t think I could hold off that long. I have a couple of classes to take as I haven’t taken physics yet. I am hopeful that I can finish these within one year and apply for next year.

Good luck with everything! Thanks again for your response!


As a former nurse… I understand you are finishing up nursing now and noted that you have all the pre-requisites for medicine except physics. As I recall, the last part of nursing school was quite time intensive, where did you find the time to do Organic chemistry?