32 y/o just got my AA. Transferring to finish my bachelor

I will be 35 by the time I am applying to med school. I have a child and a wife who is starting Nurse Practitioner school now and should be done by the time I am ready to apply. In 2004 I was academically dismissed from FSU because I was basically a lazy fool. I transferred my credits to a community college in Miami and took Anatomy 1 with the lab and Intro to Chem. I got A’s in all three classes.

I am a different student than I used to be and know I can finish strong at FIU. Will my past haunt me or do I have a chance of getting into a medical school?

You’ve definitely got a chance to get in. If you can show an improvement in your academics and finish strong, then you’ve got a compelling story. Unfortunately, those old grades will still count as you’ll need to submit all your academic records to AMCAS or AACOMAS. It’s something you’ll likely be asked about, and will likely need to address in your personal statement.

Best of luck on your path, and let us know if we can help.

Thank you for the positive feedback.

By the time I apply I will have 2.5 years worth of clinical experience as an OR Tech Asst & Anesthesia Tech. Hopefully that will work in my favor as long as I can score a decent MCAT.

Hello and welcome to the forums! It’s great that you have so much clinical experience. Something to potentially look into is if any of your previous credits from FSU are in pre-requisites, taking them over with great grades will show that you can handle the material and be motivated to study. There’s also the added benefit of those retakes replacing a bad grade in AACOMAS. When you interview be prepared to explain what happened in the past and how you have evolved. Like Bernard said, you should mention it in your personal statement. Having self-awareness and being able to identify spots in yourself that need improvement is a skill that is really important to adcoms (and attendings), and if presented well can be a really compelling positive in your application.

Good Luck to you in your journey!

Thank you synchronous. I will definitely do that