33, Husband plays in NFL, and I want to be a Doc...

Hello everyone! This is my first post, so much feedback is welcomed and desired!!

I’ll try and make this short (ish) and sweet (ish)!

Obtained my BA in Anthropology in the Midwest many moons ago. Worked as an camera model/actress to pay rent in my undergrad. Upon graduating, my agents sent me to LA where I worked for three years as a model/actress.

Moved back to midwest began my non-trad pre-med journey as a single gal when I was about 28 years old at the same school from where I obtained my BA. It is a large University with a medical campus, undergraduate campus, and teaching and research hospital. I was so eager and motivated to be involved in all things medicine that I began working (or shall I say living) in a laboratory for a cardiologist. I literally craved to be there. I would beg my mentor to let me “hop on rounds” with him, I was eager to be in the lab, to perform science, to think, to shadow, and was ferociously stubborn about my goals. However, my tenacity for the “hands-on” work at the lab/hospital caused my post-bacc grades suffer - nothing TOO horrible - but a few C’s, and mostly B’s. So, I paused…

Fast forward a few years, at 30 years old - after publishing much of my research, I met my husband. He plays in the NFL in our home city, and has been for 9 years now. His job is anything but traditional and the schedule and life is nothing short of hectic. These past few years we have gotten married, traveled, settled into a home, and are thinking about a family soon. Even with all of this, I still have the itch.

I am now 33, and wish to continue my journey. I am so thankful for this website. I am so glad to have you all with very non-traditional stories such as mine, so it is with great anticipation I ask for your advice!

First - should I do a post-bacc for my post-bacc? My grades were average at best (relatively speaking), but since so much time has passed, and I wish to perform well on the MCAT, should I simply start over? My AMCAS GPA isn’t the greatest- teetering around 3.3 Cumulative/ 3.2 BCPM. I have not yet taken Organic series or Biochem. But the classes were upwards of 5 years ago, and so a part of me wishes to start fresh; fresh for the MCAT and so ADCOMS can see me ace these classes now! OR, should I redo only the classes in which I didn’t do well, continue to take Ochem and Biochem, and tack on some more upper levels?

Second - I’m terrified. My husband’s career could be seen as a silent blessing for my journey as we have the financial security to support a family and allow time for my studies without worry. However, there is but one medical school in our city, and my first and foremost choice to attend. Because our families are here and we wish to continue to settle here, the risk is great for limiting myself to one school is great. And to be clear, it isn’t just the geographical location of this school that makes it number 1 on my list; it is my top choice for many reasons (I’ll save that for another post). I am not opposed to reapplying year after year, however. So if there is anyone out there who has advice on a perplexing situation such as mine, it would be helpful!!

Thank you so much friends!