36 yrs old and beginning to wonder if premed is no longer a good idea

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if anyone has any advise on where to go from here. I’m 36 years old, I am graduating in December with my first bachelor’s degree, 3.49 gpa and 3.50 science gpa. I took the MCAT over the summer and got a 490. My application is still in review and I’m planning on withdrawing my application for this cycle. I know that older students like myself have gotten into medical school but I’ve noticed the statistics are very low, like less then 1% low. So should I enroll in a test prep course, reapply next cycle knowing that my chances are very slim for people of my age. I was looking at direct entry nurse practitioner and PA programs and it’s not where my heart is. I really want to be a doctor, I’ve been working so hard for this for the last 4 years by volunteering, enrolled in school full-time. But, I’m afraid that I am not being realistic and another factor is all the money this all costs. I received a fee assistance for AAMC but it doesn’t cover the test prep, letter evaluations, interview prep. Is this all worth it at my age?