4 years out--Retake premed courses?


I’d appreciate some advice. The last time I took a science course was four years ago. Should I take my premed classes again or enroll in a postbacc program? Or will I be able to regain my science background by studying on my own, in time to do the MCAT next year?



not enough info in your post. if you have all the requirements but are rusty, take a practice mcat and see where you are weak. there are tons of practice materials out there.

If ur grades were good, u would probably be better off taking a MCAT prep course.

Thank you both. I bought an MCAT prep book to review the sciences. I will take a practice MCAT within a few months to see how I do after the review.

Here’s more info about situation. My pre-reqs’ grades are in the A-/B+ range.

I took Chemistry 4 years ago, made an A. I decided to do post bacc, they said you can take chem 2, i looked at the material and just thought man i dont remember anything from Chem 1, i better retake it. So i did. Got my first exam back and 68!!!

I remember very little from chemistry, as you can tell!

But that is just my experience.