6 weeks to go kiddies...

Can you believe it. Just 6 short weeks until the application for the 2004 enter class applications become available. 40 Days until the MCAT. I don't know about you guys but I am stoked!! It's really happening. My PS is almost done. YIPEE.

As someone who will be graduating from medical school in 77 days…I wish all of you the best of luck & success in the application process. There will be several discouraging moments during the application process…hell, I won’t kid you – those will cont throughout your education & training! But, know that we all suffered through many of the same anguishing circumstances & wondered many times - "What in the hell was I thinking???"
But, w/o a doubt, for me, it was more than worth it. I sincerely hope that you all succeed & are able to feel the same way as I do when you are sitting in my position.
Again, much luck & success to you all!

I’m practically dancing at my desk knowing that I can start my application in a matter of weeks and have that MCAT out of the way, too! Tomorrow’s my b-day and I’m psyched that this is the year I finally apply! laugh.gif
I know it’s gonna be a long haul, but I am so ready for it!
Bet you can guess what my birthday wish is! haha