A Big Thanks to everyone here

Hey all
I have to say that the entire process of medical school prep along with MCAT study and class information is extremely complicated. I want to thank all the people here for all the help they give on a regular basis. Those of you who have made it into med school could have long ago abandoned this website, but you dont. That is awesome.
thanks again. I get so much motivation and information from this site (as well as good conversation)it is just amazing.

This website is amazing. Although I had done some research about what it would take to get into medical school before quitting my job, I still didn’t know all the ins and outs before starting back to take the pre-reqs. Many people on here gave me invaluable advice about the MCAT and timing for the application process. Since I was at a branch campus without easy access to a pre-med advisor (that and most pre-med advisors are used to dealing with traditional students), the people here were a life-saver.