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Hey everyone… I am an “old” premed who is about to start at an awesome allopathic school. Yay! Finally after YEARS of wanting this! I started a blog to journey my med school experience and to pass on my best advice to non-traditional students. When I was a pre-med I heavily relied on “positive” blogs and information… so I wanted to give back. Check it out if you feel like it! Thanks!


Doctor Ella

uff da. First post and it has a link…I am a bit paranoid I suppose.

Thanks So Much… for sharing… I look forward to follwoing you…

Its nice to get in on the beggining, dont have to read back 15 pages of post to really know the back story…

I laughed so much just reading your July post, even though we had different careers… (current engineer for govt contractor)… i was able to relate on a lot of the things you said…

It was encouraging… Good Luck on your first year…

Are you planning on being semi-active here? I notice (and agree) you slam sdn pretty good, and deservedly! Quite a few of them are not in touch with reality…

Best of luck to you.

Thanks for the feedback! Please check back, I’ll be posting regularly!

Not everyone on SDN is so bad… 95% of them give the rest a bad name Thanks for reading!!

Hi doctorella,

I look forward to reading it. I, too, am a fan of reading blogs.

What school are you going to?

Take care,


Thanks for the link to this blog. I like to read more about other’s experiences through pre-med, medical school, and residency.

I agree, I should have clarified that it was not one-hundred percent of the memebers. But why waste ones time somewhere when ninety-five percent of the members are without class, or respect for others and their questions?

That was what I had meant.

Thanks everyone for the great feedback!! My blog seems to be taking off… as I’ve had lots of visitors and feedback. Please visit! I’ll be posting lots of resources for pre-meds in the future!

wow! almost 700 visits and lots of great feedback in the first few weeks… just wanted to let you all know that I’m in my third week of med school now… and I’ve been blogging a lot of it if you’re interested! www.journeysinmedicine.blogspot.com

Thanks! Ella

I was first quite taken with your blog. But at least to me it seems as though all your doing is promoting your blog and not anything else here? If that is not the case I apologize. However, I have seen any other activity of yours anywhere else on the site?

I have really enjoyed your blog. Funny and interesting. Keep up the good work

Actually I use Dr. Ella as an anonymous profile for my blog, and another profile which has more identifying information in the forum.

But regardless, am I doing something offensive by promoting my blog? I created the blog for pre-meds… what’s the issue? I’m not selling anything.

Just read your blog! Loved it. I’ll definitely be keeping up with it. It’s inspiring me that yes, I can do this too. I have a long way to go though…just finished a clinical doctorate (literally, this week) and still need all of my pre-reqs (I took a few of them in undergrad but it’s been a while and I didn’t so hot on chem). Lots to figure out but it’s great to have a place to share thoughts with others who are in the same boat. Non-traditionals (hate the name too) are a very specific group.

It makes me feel much less overwhelmed to know that other people are dealing with the same debt I am.

Keep writing!