A different post-bac question

Hello and apologies for the lengthy question! I’ve listened to your other podcasts on post-bacs, but I believe my question is a bit different.

I’m 32 years old, currently finishing my Masters in Anthropology/Archaeology. I am volunteering in an ED at a large children’s hospital, and I’m hoping to find a job as scribe next year and shadow (neither are currently feasible living in Canada). My question is, with my background, do I have a shot getting into a formal post-bac program? I really think a formal program would be best for me, but I know they also tend to be more competitive.

For background, I finished my undergrad in 2010 in Linguistics and Spanish, with no idea what I wanted to do. My uGPA is 2.8, and I didn’t take any science courses. I loved my linguistics classes and excelled in some, but I was unfocused, stretched thin, and ignoring serious health issues that were making life difficult.

After graduating began taking better care of myself and I discovered Forensic Anthropology and fell in love with it. I taught myself everything I could, including Human Osteology, until I could afford grad courses. I eventually applied to MA programs in anthropology, and I graduate with a focus in archaeology and a 3.8 GPA this year.

I volunteered and then worked for a human rights non-profit doing forensic anthropology and working with families with missing loved ones for almost four years. I also worked for a medical examiner doing forensic anthropology identification work. More recently, I’ve done a lot of volunteer and paid archaeological work with indigenous communities that has tangible benefits for community members and tribal interests.

My interest in medicine has grown from
wanting to directly care for and improve the quality of life of others, as well as my fascination with human anatomy and physiology and the science behind all of it.

I plan to do a post bac, as I have almost no science coursework, but I’m worried about my extremely low undergrad GPA. It’s been ten years since then, but I know (from your shows) that many post-bac programs and med schools won’t look at my grad GPA and it will be a challenge to gain acceptance, but I need to make it happen.

Do you have any advice about formal post-bacs for someone in my situation - a low uGPA, but no science coursework? Should I take a couple classes at my local or community college first to show that I’m capable?

Thank you - I love all your shows!