A few things to discuss

Hi, I’m cdnstudent, a Canadian pre-med student in Canada. It is nice to meet you all, I thank the creators of this forum for setting up such a website.

I posted some questions over on SDN a few months ago and I received mostly snarky, arrogant responses. It seems that the majority of the crowd that patrol that forum are young, well-off kids who have had everything laid out for them before hand. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen for all of us!

I’m 27, going on 28. Currently, I am roughly halfway through a geography (MA) degree. I majored in Political Science and minored in my undergraduate BA. I did well, considering it was a Canadian school. 3.6 GPA and dean’s list distinction.

I’ve made up my mind that I am to be a GP. I don’t need to get into the discussion of why this is. Simply understand that having been through a number of events over the past ten years, I’ve decided that it is the best career path for me to take. My uncle is a GP, I was babysat at his clinic while growing up, but I never really cared much for what he did. If only I knew what I know now when I was seventeen years old!

Anyway, so here I am, posting this. I have very little science experience. I did two intro biology courses, ecology, and invertebrate evolution. I’m notoriously bad at math. It stems from being picked on during primary and high school while in my math classes. I have to take a foundation math course, approximately three semesters long, in order to qualify for the academic math course. Why do I need to do the academic math course? Because it is a prerequisite for physics. Apparently I need physics. And I need chemistry too.

My plan is to begin the foundation math and first year chemistry stuff in September when I’m writing my thesis. That way I would get head start on the premed stuff. I already have a lot of volunteer time clocked with trout unlimited.

I’m interested in hearing any comments and thoughts.

Nice to meet you all!

Welcome! Sounds like you’ve thought it out and you’re on your way :).

It’s a long process, but well worth it!

And I love your comment about the OTHER forum!



Sounds like you are off to a good start! We have some other Canadians on OPM, currently in US med schools.

Pardon my asking, but what is trout unlimited?


Hi Kate,

Trout unlimited is a conservation group that deals with the protection and restoration of wild trout populations, and the habitats they occupy. I have done some communications work for the local chapter and I will also be working with their healing waters chapter soon (a fly fishing club that helps to rehabilitate veterans with PTSD).

I must say, having looked at the MCAT it is certainly daunting. I have almost no background in the physical science aside from some biology I did during my undergraduate degree. I’m debating whether to self-teach the information for the MCAT and write it, or to simply take the long road and hammer out all of the pre-reqs. I can’t see how my arts background is going to help things any bit here.

Age feels like a real hinderance for me. I’m not the typical biochemistry major or neuroscience major who made the dean’s list every year and always wanted to be a doctor. I’m older, and I have other commitments in life. Sometimes it is really discouraging or strange when I bump into someone that I graduated with in high school (2004) and when I tell them I’m still in school they make a “comment”. Yeah, I’ve been in school a while…going for a degree in life-long education.

I supposed the clouds always have a silver lining…I’ll certainly stand out from the hordes of early twenty-somethings who have zero life experience and are going right in. At least I hope I will. I’m hoping that my willingness to work in a rural environment will also weigh in my favour.

However, I’m nowhere near that stage yet…a ton of work to do. If I do opt to do the pre-reqs I’m probably looking at at least another three years of school

MSUCOM has a canadian initiative you shouldclook into. I also have an arts background and I did it somehow. Send me an email and we can talk about it - or ill be at the conference.

Hi Terevet,

I’ve started a private topic with you. Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi again - there is simply no reason to “self-teach” the MCAT material and take the test without taking the pre-reqs first. And taking the pre-reqs is not the “long route”…you have to take them before applying anyway, you might as well take the MCAT at the END of having recently had all the prereqs + then studied specifically for the MCAT. That gives you your best chance, with the least additional time preparing for the test.


I had the same thoughts and glad you posted this information. Appreciate it much. It seems it has been helpful to take a class and review the material from MCAT prep right after; helps me make the connection.