a fortuitous chance encounter

So I was hard at work at my summer research lab job yesterday, trypsinizing cells so I could split them into multiple plates. (Lots of pipetting - good practice for chem class this fall!) I went over to the incubator to retrieve another batch of cells, when the director of the lab came up to me.

“Have you met Dr. ?” he asked.

“No,” I replied.

“He’s the head of the Anesthesiology Department,” the director told me.

My eyes popped. Being that I have an interest in anesthesiology, I quickly snapped off my glove and reached out for the doctor’s outstretched hand and shook it firmly and confidently, grasping for the appropriate words to say. I must have said something right, because before the encounter was said and done, I wound up with his business card and an offer to observe him in the OR whenever I wanted.

Pretty cool, eh? I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the day. I just had to share my excitement with a crowd of people who would appreciate my elation.

That’s incredible! Congrats and definitely take him up on the offer to shadow (and go prepared with questions–that will totally impress him and you’ll lean stuff too!)

That’s great!! Enjoy the experience (and be sure to keep us updated)

what a wonderful encounter!!!

hopefully you will be able to shadow him soon

Excellent work.

I once heard a speaker and he had a very poignant point to make:

“when you see opportunity, never hesitate, just take it. If you have a chance to be a leader, take it, don’t hesitate.”

Waaay kewl…

So have you observed him?

Not yet; I plan to do so in the fall.

I have, however, shadowed another anesthesiologist in the meantime, and it was absolutely incredible! Saw all kinds of surgeries and anesthesiology procedures. I can’t wait to do it again.

Thanks for asking.

I was interested in anesthesiology as well, but then I am shadowing a surgeon right now, and to me, the job of an anesthesiologist doesn’t seem exciting anymore. I surely haven’t seen all of it, but as of now, I am not so sure about anesthesiology. I will make sure to shadow an anesthesiologist (if possible) just to be sure and not to be judging too quickly.

When I talked to some adcom folks they confessed that the majority of students end up in a different specialty than the one they had in mind when entering med school. So you never know.

That said, I can understand that how anesth. seems an exciting prospects for many.

All that to say your story is great and I am sure you will have a lot of fun.