A HUGE thank you

Hello all, I just re-joined this site and enjoy reading the topics.

Quick back story:

I was part of this forum back in 2004. I was in the process of completing an undergrad degree at Harvard Extension then on to post bac for my science courses. Until I absolutely BOMBED my first ever Chem I exam. That experience coincided with a terrible situation where my (now ex) wife did not support my decision to enter medicine later in life.

So there I was…no family support and a HUGE dent in my confidence. I dropped out of school and worked for the next 10 years. With regret.

During my departure I’ve made some really positive changes. I bought a house (which I’m now selling to attend school full time) divorced the negative non-supportive wife who told me I couldn’t do it.

What brought me back? A thirty year veteran of medicine looked me straight in the eye and said “You can do this”…never wavering once. It was the most honest answer I’ve ever heard from a healthcare professional. It was a huge turning point in my life.

New inspiration and motivation gave me the view of a new life ahead. I’m forever in your debt to everyone who encouraged me in the past.

Thank you.


SO…I wanted to give a much needed THANK YOU to everyone who, back in 04, gave me support and guidance. You have been on my mind for the past decade.

Welcome back!

Group hug for everyone who hasn’t given up on their dreams!

Great post Robert. Yes, you can do it, despite all the naysayers and the nagging doubt that one cannot. For some, it is overcoming the one’s own self-doubt that is the greatest hurdle.