A little guidance needed

Hello everyone. I’m quite new to OPM, and have found many of the postings really inspirational, which has helped put things in perspective for me and keep my dream alive. What I’m looking for if anyone would be kind enough to part with some advice, is what’s the next, or best step I should take in pursuing my dream of being a physician.

I’m 31 years old now, have roughly 140 college credits (all over the place), with a GPA of around 3.3, although no degree. I have currently enrolled to finish a BA in biochemstry and plan to start in the Fall '09. I realize acceptance into med school is super competitive, since I was planning on going through the process a number of years ago, but a lack of confidence and a few other things got the better of me.

What I’m asking here is if you think it’s a good idea for me to finish the B.A and try bring my GPA up as much as possible, or am I just climbing a tree with no fruit on?

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Never2late, first, welcome

Secondly, in my opinion, of course u should finish your BA and bring up your gpa. What is the alternative? Applying with no bachelors and an okay gpa? Do it one step at a time, nail your pre reqs, get that gpa up as much as u can.

I don’t know the biochem curriculum but in finishing the degree will u b covering the pre reqs already? If so , perfect.

The bottom line is, get all your ducks in a row, do the best you can, then move forward.

I concur

  1. Finish the BA no matter what, it will serve you well whatever the future may bring

  2. try to do as well as you can, while having an overall lower GPA, you will have (or should have) outstanding grades for the “new” finishing work.

  3. Since you will have all your pre-reqs for your biochem degree anyway, you are more than halfway to applying. You need a good showing on the MCAT and your risking very little; some more time and perhaps some dollars on an MCAT course. If is really just a hop, skip and a jump to apply from where you are standing

  4. if you apply, your chances are low. If you don’t apply, your chances are ZERO, which is the better probability? Go for it. The worst is you will have your degree and finished and not be in medical school. You’re not in medical school now and no degree. I think u come out ahead no matter what.

  5. As was said before, don’t suffer from a non-linear waterfowl issue; so get those ducks lined up in a row (quack, quack, sorry I could resist)

Thank you very much for the responses. They both bring some clarity to the situation. I have an appointment with my advisor tomorrow to go over my remaining classes, so I’m on my way to giving it the best shot I can. :slight_smile:

Thank you

  • gonnif Said:

5) As was said before, don't suffer from a non-linear waterfowl issue; so get those ducks lined up in a row (quack, quack, sorry I could resist)

I love it - non-linear waterfowl issue