A little intimidated

I happened to walk by the med student parking on my way to my own classes (nursing). I see decals on the cars that read “MIT, Columbia, Perdue” (among other great universities). I suddenly got that funny feeling at the pit of my stomach and wondering how am I going to compete with that!

What I get when I see that is people feel they paid a lot for their education and need others to know too. There are many doctors and other health care professionals who attended other places. Its always refreshing to see people with plate holders that have state schools or even community college rare but i’ve seen it.

You’re doing it and that’s what matters.


OMTDave, DO, Board Eligible Attending Physician

BSEET, DeVry Institute

Premed at various community colleges

DO-TCOM US News and World Report top 25 school for primary care

UTSW Family Medicine c/o 2013

How bad do you want it? If you let them get inside your head, you’re in for a rough go of it…trust me on this.

Hey! I’m a MS1 at a state medical school and I feel the same way. It is intimidating to meet people who are really smart and have gotten into really prestigious schools. But here’s the thing. When I look at my class, everyone’s the same. Whether or not they went to a prestigious school or did their pre-reqs at a community college, they are all smart and hardworking. So don’t shortchange yourself. You’re smart too! Otherwise you wouldn’t be on this path to medical school.

Thank you for sharing your stories with me. It gives me hope that this path I’ve chosen to undertake is doable!

Ivy League and other “high ranking” schools are overrated. Don’t be intimidated, point and laugh at them for paying twice the price for the same education.