A little med school humor

Hi, everyone. A fellow classmate of mine sent me this link about a month before we finished med school. We laughed pretty good over it so I thought others here would appreciate it as well.


P.S. This is meant as a funny and not to discourage!! It is only mildly exaggerating some clinical experiences. :slight_smile:

If you haven’t watched this, do so now. You will laugh. Even if you haven’t been to medical school. (I laughed, and I haven’t been – yet.)

this is what medical school is really like


Seriously, we had our first case study presentation today. Every lab group had to prep 3 case studies they gave out 2 days ago, and then one group would be picked at random and called up to answer questions about the case study (or the universe…I’m not sure)

It really reminded me of this video - not that it was at all meanspirited, but when some really off the wall question was asked (“so, he injured his back when lifting these pipes because he lifted with his back and not his legs, and he did that - because he’s a man, so could you comment on the genetic event that determines that he would be a man and when that occurs”). I’m not kidding. There was some tittering until he clarified “in the cycle of meiosis”.

After the prof. told us what he was trying to get at, the student said “thank you”.

It was actually kind of fun (but only because my lab group was not chosen, I’m sure!)


I don’t think I can ever pass IHOP again without a gag reflex