A lot of changes

Haven’t posted in a bit. Very grateful that I withdrew this semester…it went from bad to worse. My “plan” has been virtually abandoned in the wake of major car problems. EXPENSIVE car problems. The car has been hostage in the shop for almost three weeks as I muster up the money to pay for the repairs, which were not related to the accident. Consequently, no way to get up to campus, no way to hang out at the tutoring room, and have missed 2 out of 3 EXCEL classes. Luckily there is a bus run that goes by my house and stops in front of where I work. Work is the only thing I have not been missing. Khan and textbook is the only prep work I have been able to do lately. Feel pretty discouraged, but it was fortuitous that the illness and accident occurred, because I REALLY would have missed an awful lot of class and tutoring that I never would have been able to make up. Really ends up being a “fall back and punt” situation. Resting, doing my best to get healthy, studying on my own as much as possible, and trying to master my MAC. Kinda not too happy to be “benched” for this portion of the game, and anxious to get back in it…but everything happens for a reason.

Makes me think of reasons I’m really glad I didn’t even try med school right out of college - things that I could not foretell that would have totally screwed my education and possibly knocked me out of the game for a long time. Now is definitely a better time, but I could not have predicted the reasons that this is so 15 years ago.

Hopefully this is the end of this run of events for you - we’re all rooting for a good report that everything is finally going your way for a change!

I’m so sorry for all your troubles! I will be thinking good thoughts for you!

Thank you so much for the support. It would be real easy to descend into a FUD pit with this, but I have just been looking forward and thinking about next semester. Physics I is not offered here in the Spring, so I guess the only next pre-req that is will be Chem I. So…Chem I in January.

Welcome to the marathon. It’s taken me twice as long as I had planned to be ready to apply to med school. Life got in the way a couple of times and I’m needing to apply to med school a second time.