A Plan Takes Shape....

Hi friends!! It never fails to amaze me how things fall together in my life, and I somehow feel “led” in a certain direction. This whole last two months of chaos began with a simple little email to Johns Hopkins as I DARED to wonder if I would be competitive for their Post-Bacc program. A week later, circumstances twisted, and I was unemployed. I owed 10 months to the NHSC for my loan repayment. I sent out 24 resumes to NHSC sites north of Virginia and East of Illinois. Only 2 sites responded - both not far from…Johns Hopkins!! Both offered, but only one had viable health insurance, so we are packing and moving to Salisbury, Maryland - hopefully to complete my commitment. Where was the money coming from?? I was unemployed!!! Took my unemployment to hearing, and won - they owe me 8 weeks. Got my W-2’s and filed - nice chunk coming back. Every dime I need is falling into place this week. A friend stepped up to put me up until the house in Maryland is ready for us. We will be gone from our little apartment on Saturday of this week. In my belief system, this whole chain of events is nothing short of being “positioned” where I need to be for the next phase of the journey. It is fast, dizzying, and has had great suspense and headlong moments…but take a breath, AND JUMP!!! I am thrilled and filled with anticipation. Somehow, as Carrieliz says, I KNOW I am going to be a doctor!!!


Amen Sista’!