A word of caution about AMCAS grade verification

From personal experience, this is just a warning that courses which are clearly scientific in nature, may be determined by AMCAS to be “health” courses. Case in point, half of my graduate Pharmacology courses were determined by AMCAS to be “health” classes and therefore NOT included in my BCPM graduate GPA. Unfortunately for me,this determination really screwed up my BCPM graduate GPA.

Word to the wise, choose courses with Bio or Chem prefixes if at all possible.

How irritating - it seems like masters pharma courses would clearly be science.

As long as we’re throwing out cautions here, I will add one:

ALL your grades and transcripts have to be submitted. Your app won’t get processed if you don’t do it.

That means the two humanities courses I took the summer after my sophomore year of HIGH SCHOOL at a university enrichment program for high schoolers COUNT, even though I never transferred those to a college I attended full-time or applied them to a degree. I was very glad someone told me that, because I’d be furious if my app was delayed because of something I did when I was 15!

Yes, remember that EVERY SINGLE COLLEGE UNIT that you have ever attempted, whether in h.s. or college or grad school MUST be entered into your AMCAS application. For AMCAS, if you repeated a course, you MUST enter both grades, even though the original grade may no longer be on your formal transcript.