A year gap between med school MS

Hi:) I am a Bacteriology MS student( NOn-Thesis). I am planning on applying to medical school next year.I wlll graduate May 2010. I will have a year gap before I start medical school( only if I get accepted in the med school for Fall 2011!). I do not know what to do in that one year. Would you please give me some insight about it?

Thanks so much:)

What does your degree entail? Can you work within a medical lab? I would definitely try to do something, even part-time within the medical field, whether it is volunteering in a hospital or working in research. The question is…if you don’t get into med school in 2011, what will you do?

Krisss- I have been giving much thought to that question, I mean what if I don’t get into medical school right away, we should all have a plan right? So what is everyone’s “plan B”? Not saying they’re giving up on medical school but while they wait and re-apply what will they do in the mean time?

Hi Rhonda, unfortunately, it is not a guarantee that any of us will get into medical school on the first try…many do, but many do not. Of course, I would like to think it is those students that are not prepared or don’t have the grades/MCAT, etc., but I’m sure we’ve all heard of those we’d never expect to get in, get in and then there are those with stella grades that find themselves on waitlist after waitlist and have to reapply.

Plan B’s are definitely a must. Right now I am trying to decide whether to just finish my bachelors in interdiscplinary social science or to possibly look to get my BS in either Clinical Laboratory Sciences or Cardiopulmonary Science (Respiratory therapy). It would mean an extra year before I can apply, but if I don’t get into medical school right away, at least I have a better occupational choice than I have at this point.

btw, what part of Florida are you originally from? I’m living in Bradenton.

I have one more year left to finish my degree. I guess this degree allows me to become a laboratory technician.I was thinking about applying for an entry level Biologist or Chemist position. I might have to work for a year or two before medical school.

I am just taking classes this year and also working part time in a lab. I am planning to take the MCAT in April.:slight_smile: