AACOMAS Activities

Hello everyone,

I found tons of advice on how to write my experiences on the AMCAS application, but here is what I have noticed on AACOMAS:
#1 the only options available to select on the activities section are volunteering, healthcare experience, and paid/non-healthcare experience. Which means I won’t have too many activities to add compared to AMCAS (where you can include hobbies, etc…). #2 the number of characters to describe the experiences are much lower. So my question is, how am I supposed to write about what I have learned from my experiences and explain my responsibilities using 600 characters? Also, I was told to combine all of my shadowing experiences into one single entry. Am I just supposed to list the doctor’s names, hours and specialty? There’s so much conflicting information about this online, and I am starting to get a little overwhelmed. Thank you.