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Hello everybody,

I’m posting this in this forum as it is something only people who are already in med school could help me with. Like everybody starting late I have many questions about the cost of med school and being able to keep paying my expenses. I do have a mortgage and I’m wondering what kind of money is usually borrowed by people starting med school?

Can I borrow, let’s say 20,000 more grands per year to cover my expenses? 20K is really the minimum “wage” I’d need to keep going?

I’m just curious, how do people who don’t have a spouse covering for them manage to pay rent/mortgage? I’d hate to go on foreclosure while in med school.

Where can I find information about the kind of money that can be borrowed? thanks a log


Most medical schools have a page that gives cost of attendance. I can’t tell where you are from, so can only show you my local medical schools page. Each school will vary. UWSOM seems to fall under the 50K the government allows. Of course, I don’t know how much I understand or when you will get an answer from someone who “knows”.


If you attend out of state or to a private medical school your costs will rise. Then you are going to be looking for private loans. If I understand this correctly.

Emergency! supplied a little information in the link below. Best wishes. I look forward to reading this post as it is on my mind as well.


Thank you Kimberly.

I’m going to look at this