About re-taking courses ... and elevating GPA

Hi all !
Another question from the funky-farm …
I am in the midst of re-taking most of my science classes (in case you don’t recall my story - my originals were 15+ yrs ago and with avg scores of C’s). So, I’ve completed most now at my CC and with much improved scores of A’s!!! But after the conversations about CC work being somewhat frowned upon, would it be prudent to, once again, re-take these courses at the somewhat local University, UCF? If not, what courses should I continue with at UCF that will help me to improve my GPA and show that I can handle a upper-level science class? I’ve already taken A&P 1/2 and micro at the CC. So, would I just continue with Molecular bio, genetics and the such? Or could I re-take the A&P, micro at the higher level - of which my previous knowledge/experience at the CC level would help to ensure a better score in the UCF classes??? Hope this makes sense - and thanks for any thoughts. …
I have O-chem still to take - and the first half is not offered until fall 06 - so while I wait, I’m just trying to plan my other “filler” classes.

If you have A’s then you do not need to retake them again…just like you said take some upper level classes like molecular/cell biology, genetics, etc.

I agree with efex- take upper level classes to show you can handle them and do well on the MCAT. The MCAT is uspposed to be the great equalizer.
Good luck!!