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Hey everyone!

longtime, first-time here with a quick question about acceptable clinical experience. I’m a 36 year old non trad currently finishing up my prereqs before applying for 2019 to hopefully study psychiatry.

I currently volunteer at a crisis care text line, talking people through periods of crisis and dealing directly with people in a fragile mental state often talking people through intense suicidal thoughts for hours at a time. Would this count as clinical experience considering I am not physically interacting with patients in a hospital setting?

Thanks for any advice given, it is much appreciated!



I am asking myself the same questions - see my post


two people replied - see their responses

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You should get additional experience, either in a hospital or clinic, so you can have face-to-face contact with patients. What you’re doing is valuable but it is not sufficient. You would also need additional clinical experience(s), especially in a hospital, to show that you’ve truly tested your interest in medicine. Hospital experience is important since that’s where you do clinical training in medical school, for the most part. Med schools want to see evidence that you’ve experienced and are comfortable in a hospital setting.

Liza Thompson