Accepted off the wait list! - now what?

So, I just got a big packet in the mail from UAMS. I’ve been pulled from the waitlist - which is great!

However, I’m not sure what to do now. I had pretty much given up hope that I was going to gain admission anywhere this year, and was about to submit AMCAS for the following season.

At this point, I don’t think I could get everything in place to start school in August. Plus, we’re in the middle of selling our house, and we been planning on moving out of town to be closer to family.

Now, I’m not sure what to do - and where we should live. As of now, we have to get out of our current house at the end of July. So, we have to find some new housing ASAP anyway. My and I wife had our hopes up about moving back home, and were starting to look at houses there.

I believe I still have the option to defer until next fall, but even that seems like too short of a time now. I really wish that I could have gotten my acceptance back in February, when regular acceptances went out. I would have had time to prepare and make a better decision about lots of things then.

Just now sure how to proceed. The timing on this is not real great, but it’s what I’ve been working towards. We’ll see how things go.

Congrats! Time for a status change…

Go straight to fin aid and make sure you can fund your degree starting this fall.

If you’re already moving, what’s the harm in just moving to the school versus where you were planning to go? Moving sucks in general, so minimizing the number of times you move prior to school would be great.

If you’re just going to rent/lease while you’re in school, it shouldn’t be that hard to find a place in a month I wouldn’t think.

Not trying to be harsh, but you should be trying to figure out how to make it work, not why it’s not going to work. Worst case defer a year, but make sure your school has a deferral process that will let you based on your circumstances. Based on those of us applying this past cycle, getting a deferral hasn’t been that hard. Is it worth an additional year in order to get everything aligned like you want it? (That’s up to you…)

Congratulations! This is a wonderful opportunity but you just don’t seem that excited about it. Is it the school itself? A month seems like enough time to transition and prepare mentally. I’ve known people to up and move within a day or two of med school starting when they were pulled off the waitlist–they were ecstatic to be given the opportunity. If you’re allowed to defer you will probably be barred from applying elsewhere so keep that in mind prior to requesting the deferral. If you’re thinking of deferring AND reapplying elsewhere you need to rethink. That’s the kind of behavior that med schools really dislike. Again, congrats!



Speaking as someone who also has an SO and a waitlist acceptance a few weeks ago…there is lots of angst and drama with moving, etc., but I’m still thrilled, bottom line. Maybe UAMS is not the right school for you? If there’s a voice telling you that, then listen.

It’s not necessarily the school, but more the timing of the thing. The sale of our house is set to close on July 30, so I’ve got to spend the next few weeks trying to wrap that up, and find a new place for us, and pack and move a house and family in the next few days. That’s my major focus right now.

The acceptance, while very welcome, adds a layer of complication to things that we weren’t expecting at this point.

I actually live in the city where UAMS is, so moving to another location isn’t the concern. The wife and I were considering moving out of town to be a little closer to family, so we’re having to reconsider that now.

I did talk with admissions at UAMS, and I am able to defer without any issue at this point. They also offer the option to continue to defer admission for two more years, which is nice to know. So, the wife and I still have a few things to figure out, but I do have some options available to me.

Well, if you can defer with no problems, then that’s another matter. Good luck!

I know this is not something you expected and that always makes things interesting. One of my challenges has been letting go of family items so I can focus on school issues. This may be one of those times for you.

While a move can be super-disruptive, you do have until August 11th before classes start. The question is what is more problematic? Waiting to start and extending the time and potentially adding in more moves or jumping in now?

The big plus side, you were accepted. Congratulations! Enjoy that moment for at least a little bit!


Congratulations on the acceptance. I would advise against continuing with the application for this year because there is no guarantee that you will get accepted again let alone another interview. This is one of the risks of being on the waitlist that you may be told at the very last minute that you have a spot.

First take a deep breath and take in the fact that you were accepted. Then speak to the admissions office about any suggestions on living arrangements such as an apartment. You will figure it out.

The only reason to finish the application is if you end up going the deferral route. Assuming you want to go to the school that accepted you, you’ll still have to fill out the application (for metrics tracking) and submit to ONLY that school using the deferred status option in the schools tab. It’s free, but you still have to send in all of your transcripts.

My school said pretty much not to worry about the PS or work experiences unless I really wanted to update them for whatever reason (um…no…). The acceptance is a gimme; the application is to make the AAMC/AMCAS process work as advertised.