Accepted to Medical School

I am a 37 year old undergraduate student at Penn State University. After deciding to pursue my dream of becoming a physician 3 years ago, I am happy to say that I have been accepted to my first choice medical school (PCOM). To say the last 3 years have been challenging would be a gross understatement, and if I had a dime for every person who told me I was crazy I’d be rich. However, when I opened up that acceptance letter on November 19th, 2004 it was all worth it. So follow your heart, and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you cannot become a doctor. You only get out of life what you put into it.

Woohoo!! Congratulations!

I “know” the feeling! You think the yes letter was ecstacy…just wait until you hear Pomp & Circumstance as you prepare to waltz across the stage to receive your diploma & be hooded. That’s unbelievable! Of course, the first day on the job as an intern when YOUR med students start asking you questions & expect you to know the answers…afterall, you ARE a physician…the gravity of it all begins to seep in.
Welcome & congratulations! I hope to see you around & keeping all abreast of your journey through medical school.

WOW! Congratulations!!!

Thank you Dr. Kelley,
When I joined Old Premeds 2 years ago, your bio served as a major motivating factor for me. Currently I am in the process of applying for the U.S. Army Health Professions Scholarship. In the future, I’m hoping to do a residency in internal or emergency medicine.
James Jones

Congratulations. I wish you the best in medical school.

Thank you. I also congratulate you on starting medical school, and wish you the best of luck in your medical career.

Congratulations on your acceptance to medical school! This is GREAT news!

Thank you very much Stacy.