Adam, (Pi1304) Here is the web-address

Sorry Adam,

Here is the Seattle University information on Medical School.

When you get to the site, Look at all the tabs on the left. Pre-professional prep at Seattle U on the bottom has a ton of info as well. Some you may hae, some you may not. Dr. Hudson updates the info all the time. I’m sure she will be updating info regarding the computerized MCAT and addition of 20 more testing dates…

Hope this helps some.


Thanks, Libbey

There’s one thing I don’t get, though, from… :

“Dr. Hudson is a member of the International Phycological Society, the Phycological Society of America, Sigma Xi, the American Institute of Biological Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Microscopy Society of America, the National Association for Advisors in the Health Professions, and the Physiology Education Research Consortium, whose work is currently funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

In her free time, Dr. Hudson enjoys…”

Free time? What free time?

(ok, all those societies probably don’t take up much if anything in her average week… I just thought it was funny)

Thats funny Adam!

And wow, check out that picture! I think it is the original faculty picture of, what did I read…1974?! I wouldn’t have known they were the same person… I guess 25 years will do that.

I should re-think this whole cc/Seattle U thing. I would guess she knows how to write a great letter!