Advice, advice....

We had our 2nd Organic Chem exam on Friday and while I did well on the questions I answered, I (and a lot of the class) didn’t get to finish!
So, I am considering dropping the class. This semester is very time-consuming for me - I have a genetics class with an extremely demanding lab (15-20 hours a week both in and out of lab!), I’m trying to plan a wedding for Nov. 26 (and since it’s getting close, everyone needs to talk to me, I have to visit vendors, do dress fittings, showers, etc. and I’m getting married 350 miles from where I currently live), and my business is demanding a lot of my attention right now.
I will probably get my grade on Monday, but the deadline to drop was on Friday. I actually tried to drop the class on Friday after my exam, but the system from my home to the mainframe was timing out, and now it says it’s too late - so I’ve e-mailed the registration department for help.
My first grade was a C, and this grade should have been an A if I had finished, but I think I probably have a C again because of the point distribution. There are 2 more exams, and we can drop our lowest score, and there is a curve based upon total points earned out of 300.
When I am in the lecture, I really “get” what the professor is saying, and I really enjoy it! The hard part is finding time to go over the material enough to really be fast - and it really showed on the exam, plus my time is so limited that I’m not finding enough quality time to devote to the material as I should.
It’s not offered again until next fall, but I am beginning to get the feeling that taking the W instead of a C would be better, and I can register for this as my only class next time it’s offered, with no wedding planning, and a less demanding business schedule.
Do you guys think this is a good idea, or should I stick it out? Honestly, I don’t want less than a B (preferably an A), and I KNOW I can do it with a less stressful schedule.
Although my Genetics class is very involved, I’m getting an A there - it’s not as complicated as Orgo, just busy work.

If it was me with all the you have on your plate now I would drop it…a W looks much better than a C.

I thought that might be the best thing to do, but I needed to put it out there to make sure.
I also thought about going Pass/Fail, but I really need that extra time for everything else going on!

Having a W here or there is not frowned upon and as long as you have a good reason why which you for sure do…there is no problem. I seriously doubt that they will even question you about it. Enjoy the process of preparing for the wedding

Thanks efex. Reading posts from the gunners at SDN had me a little worried.
I’ll have to post a pic when the wedding’s over!


I thought that might be the best thing to do, but I needed to put it out there to make sure.
I also thought about going Pass/Fail, but I really need that extra time for everything else going on!

Hi there,
You DO NOT want to take any pre-med courses Pass/Fail. You want grades for these courses. Even if you take the course Pass/Fail at one college and then try to take the course for a grade at another, you will be red flagging your application. It is far better to drop this course and come back to do the course when you can put the proper amount of time in. Organic Chemistry takes a huge chunk of problem-solving, reading and understanding. It is just time-consuming. Do this course when you can devote proper time to it.

Thanks for the insight. I never thought of it that way. I’m meeting with my advisor on Monday next week to discuss dropping. Even though the deadline was Friday, it is still possible with extinuating circumstances. To me, having my business audited of almost 2 years of records is extinuating enough to me. But we’ll see on Monday.

I just met with my advisor, and I was able to drop the class. I guess I had a B at the time of drop, but my advisor agreed with the rest of you that it would be better to retake it when I can devote the time rather than not have all the time to study and risk a C (or worse ).
Thanks for all of your advice!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this thread. It is very much like one I was going to start. I got a low D on the first orgo exam and full out failed the second. I have a bunch of stuff going on, as well–not sure if I’m using it all as an excuse or what, but the reality is that I’m not putting in the time I need to so that I “get” orgo. The really said thing is that I was in the same boat for the second semester of inorganic, but failed to realize it before I signed up for orgo…
My job sucks and is so stressful I can’t stand it. Then, I had gastric bypass surgery a year ago (-110# and feeling absolutely like a new person). And, we’re doing a major renovation of the entire downstairs. I don’t have time to think about what to eat for lunch, much less master orgo. So. There’s my similar sob-story.
What’s getting me, though, is that my current experience with chem, in any flavor, is NOT what my history has been. I am suddenly (it seems) unable to study at the last minute and ace classes. I think that’s part of my deal, too–I think I’m raging against the dying of the light, as it were. I guess this is a symptom of aging, maybe? Or maybe I really did kill most of my brain cells during my teens and twenties. :wink:
Anyway–what I’m wondering is whether others feel an absolute urgency about the med school thing and similar findings of, “Oh–hey! This whole science thing isn’t effortless like it was in high school/college!” I feel like if I don’t get my act together RIGHT BLOODY NOW, then I’m sunk. I already have a C in second semester inorganic–I’m feeling like maybe I can’t do this with any measure of success…

If this C is one of a few, then I don’t think it will kill you , but you may need to study extra hard for the inorganic stuff that may be on the MCAT.
Other than that I can’t offer too much advice. I’m dealing with my own “omigod” demons right now. With this wedding and job stress right now I’m questioning if I should go ahead with my plans (I’m sure everyone here has these moments). I LOVE medicine, it’s just that sometimes I wonder if I should forego the headache and go the nursing route (eventually CRNA?) instead. Sigh. My dad and I are slated for a good talk this coming weekend so hopefully I’ll have a cleared head by then. (Again, probably evil stress leaking into my head)
How much longer until you take the MCAT? I won’t be taking it until Spring '07 at the earliest, so if you are in the same boat, we should keep track of each other’s posts!
Congrats on the bypass surgery, too!



Search for my “Bombed orgo, now what?” thread. I ended up taking orgo again over the summer and did better and, most importantly, I felt that I had learned organic chemistry.
For most of us, chemistry is not easy stuff especially if you’re returning to school after years in the working world. Give yourself permission to retake courses that you need to, and consider putting off your application to medical schools by a year or more in order to do things right.
In the long run, a year ain’t very much time, and if it means the difference between becoming a physician, well only you can decide if that’s worth it.