advice and suggestions?

Here is where I stand. I am currently 40 years old. I have been a professional pilot for seventeen years. I am married, have a young son, and my wife is supportive of the decision to try and attend medical school. During my first two years of undergrad in 1997, I was a full time Biology major and had dreams of applying to medical school. Family obligations in 1999 caused me to put my dreams of attending medical school on hold and continue my degree part time. I ended up finishing my bachelors in 2005 in Aviation Management. I graduated with a 3.81 gpa and a science gpa of 3.8. I completed Bio 1 and 2 and chem 1 and 2 in 1997-1999 with A’s. I will be taking Orgo I and physics I in the spring of 07 and Orgo II and Physics II over the summer of 07. I plan on taking the August MCAT and applying for the 2008 year. I also attained my EMT certification and worked for a paid ambulance service from 1998-2002. Am I too late for the process? Do I have a chance? Any advice would be appreciated.

I’m 42 and in my first year of mec school now. My grades were NOT as good as yours. So, yes, you have a chance. Welcome aboard!

Yes you have a chance. I’m no expert but I would check on the websites of the schools you are thinking of applying to because some of your prereqs “might” be too old. I remember reading some schools want the prereqs no more than 5 years old when applying.

Like I said, I’m no experts but I would check into this before you commit. If anything you might have to take some upper science classes to compensate??

Good luck and welcome aboard!

You have a good chance bro’… Don’t give up!!!


Thank you for the advice and encouragement. I hope I don’t need to take the prereqs over again, especially the chem. I worked hard to earn A’s in the class. My chem was in 1999 and 2000. Hopefully I do well in Organic and on the MCAT. I will take your advice and look into the individual schools.