Advice for summer and beyond


As I close up this term, I need some wisdom on:

a. Classes to take in the summer

b. Ways to improve my GPA (besides the basics)

c. How the schools look at grade improvement

d. MCAT dates

a. Since physics was a disaster, I need to retake it. I could do calc-based physics in the fall with calc in the summer or take chem 1 & 2 in the summer and calc in the fall, pushing off physics until Spring/Summer.

b. My GPA is in the weeds. MD’s are out since I’m below 3.0 science; I do have TONS more to do so I can always get it up above 3.0. However, with grade replacement (didn’t know TCOM doesn’t do grade replacement ~ stinks), I’m over 3.1 science, 3.3 cGPA (not applying for a long time so there’s plenty of room for improvement).

Should I grade replace everything I got a C in, such as an Art class I got a C in? Relearn Spanish so I can use that to help me look competetive?

c. I have excellent senior grades (3.68 cGPA) and good undergrad post-bac grades from nursing and other stuff (cGPA 3.3) but my freshman grades tank that. Do these schools look at this? How does that all calculate? I also have a graduate degree (3.08 but graduate school grades are tough 93-100 is an A, 87-92 is a B and so on).

d. If I take Chem 1 & 2 this summer, I can take MCAT in April (physics 2 will be in the wings but I would audit the course). OR…I can take calc 1 and take OChem 1 & 2 in the summer next year and take MCAT in July.

I have a LONG way to go and a LOT of classes to take; plan on applying next app cycle (2014). I know the early bird catches the worm. This is why I’m looking for wisdom; ANY widsom will help!!


I think I answered my own questions ~ thanks for looking! Can’t wait to be a success story to inspire others!!!

a. Just say NO to taking multiple hard core science classes in the summer, ONLY take Gen Chem 1 and save Gen Chem 2 for the Fall. Or take calculus.

b. Take some upper level courses in the biological sciences as a post-bacc. It won’t change your undergrad GPA by much, but you’ll get separate GPA on your AMCAS application. MAKE ALL A’s.


    • Schools look at ALL Grades and ALL grades taken at the undergraduate level are averaged together.

  1. Your Master’s GPA is VERY low so be prepared to explain why this is the case. As I understand it, the grading at your school will only matter if that school has a med school you’re applying to and even then, you’re going to have a difficult time trying to explain such a low graduate GPA.

    d. This is a marathon NOT a sprint, so PLEASE don’t rush yourself. I’ve got 2 degrees in Chemistry including a Masters, I teach Chemistry at a University, and even I would retake these classes in the summer not if I wanted to ensure “A” grades only. Keep in mind that you need to ace EVERYTHING from here on out because of your grades in undergrad AND grad school and I mean making A’s. So set yourself up to do just that by taking your time.

    IMHO, you’re not going to be ready to apply for 2014 because you’ve got too much GPA damage control to do. I’d say at least 2 years of post bacc classes in upper level bio courses, grad courses, and med courses if you can swing it. You could concurrently do MCAT prep, so I’d say that you timeline for applying should be ~2015.

    Remember, applying in 2015 with a 4.0 for the past 2 years and a strong (>30) MCAT will at least get your app a look.

    Good luck and my apologies if this post wasn’t quite what you wanted to hear.

Thank you for being honest with me!!! This helps me make a better decision…

I wish I didn’t have so much damage to my GPA. Two bachelor’s and a grad degree plus being an RN should have some impact but I suppose not as much

I’ll keep plugging along ~ at a slower pace though. Can’t wait to give you the success story

  • Leuschner4 Said:
Can't wait to give you the success story

Can't wait to hear it!