Advice needed, 31 years old going into medicine

Hi there, new to the forum. This is my first post. Need some advice.

I am a 31 year old male working in the business field. I make good salary (110k) but I have always wanted to do medicine. Didn’t have the chance to go to med school due to factors that beyond my control. Now I am finally able to apply.

I have a uGPA at 3.71 from Penn State (major in accounting/econ). I also hold master of accounting a well as MBA from a similar state university in terms of ranking. My graduate GPA is 3.59. I am ready to do a one year formal postbacc and then potentially take a glide year and apply to med school. so ideally I will go into postbac in 2022 and med school in 2024, at 34. Where I lack is the EC. During my MBA year I volunteered regularly at the university hospital (Surgical ICU) but due to COVID, my hours were very limited. I probably did less than 100 hours in total. I am also a board member of a local non profit org that commits to serve economically underrepresented minorities groups. One of the programs we offer is free clinic. But as a board member I oversea the operation. In addition, I got my MBA in May 2020, so still very familiar with school although a bit older. I am also a CPA and passed the exams on the first try. Although I think med school tests are much harder but I at least I don’t mind studying and taking test. I am very fortunately to not have to worry too much about finances, and I have a very supportive partner.

My questions are: does my plan even make sense? What is my chance of being accepted to a reputable postbac program? A few of the program I looked at required LOR and even SAT as well as some ECs. I know I can’t apply for med school now due to lack of prerequisites/shadowing etc. but what is my chance of getting into premed? Any good programs that you recommend ?

Any info is very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.