Advice Needed

Adviser at local school suggest that I chose the NP route because it will take 4 years to complete the recommended course plan. I am not eligible to take any science classes because I have not met the Math requirement. 1 year Glide. If accepted 4 years of med school then minimum 3 years of residency. Total 12 years at which time I’ll be 60 and eligible for Social Security in a few year! I’m devastated. What do you think?


From what I’ve heard, you have to practice nursing for a few years before you can begin training to become an NP. If you’re already a nurse, then the road to NP won’t be as long. But if you’re new to the nursing field, it will take you just as long to become an NP as it will an MD.

You need to decide what your priorities are. The minimum residency is 3 years for primary care. If you want to become a physician then go for it. Realize the time requirement.

Your other option would be a PA since it does not require a residency and it is a 3 year program. There is nothing wrong with options.

Realize that people will give you their opinions both positive and negative. Your job is to take that opinion and determine if it meshes with your own goals and priorities.

Let us know how we can help.