Advice on how to increase my chances?

You guys are so incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, I hope you can give me some advice on what else I should be doing to increase my acceptance chances.

I’m 35 and graduated 11 years ago with a cummulative 2.57 gpa (2-yr CC and 4-yr at university with U being only a 2.20 ) and I received a dual degree- a BA in history and a BS in cell/molecular bio. I figured I screwed the pooch on my chances of med school (clinical depression and college don’t mix) and successfully wound up doing clinical genetic oncology research instead. I have 3 publications, including one as first-author, so I have that going for me.

I am retaking those basic science courses that I didn’t get at least a 2.5 in, as well as some that weren’t offered at my school at the time (A&P for example.) I’ve got 24 credits post-bacc at this point with a 3.85 (4.0 on the recent 18 credits, so marked improvement over time.) I plan on taking at least 30 more credits before applying next June. I haven’t taken the MCAT yet, but am rigorously studying for it, hoping for at least a 30, but aiming much higher.

So here’s my long-winded question: I know the schools will see all my grades, but what else can I do at this point to ensure I’ve done all I can? I don’t want the same bio degree again and the last thing I need is another bachelors anyway. Is just re-taking these classes ‘good enough’ to show that I’m not the same student or should I be in a matriculated program? I understand that my MCAT score will help my situation, so I’m looking for advice on what else I should do.

I have no qualms about waiting another year to apply, as I only want to do it once, but I don’t how much a Masters would really help? (And obviously I don’t want a Masters, just an MD. )

I don’t see why you would need another degree. Just take the classes as a post-bacc student and keep doing excellent work. When you are ready, take as many upper division bio classes as you can (that you haven’t already had). I’m not sure that A&P would be as useful as genetics or immunol. or mcb - things have changed markedly in the past 11 years. As far as a master’s degree - if you don’t plan to use it, why bother…unless it is a formal SMP geared towards medical school.



looks like you’re on track - improved, recent GPA with updated bio classes. Now, kick butt on the MCAT. Good luck (and have fun)!

Thanks so much for the advice and encouragement!