advice once again

I am 29 with 41 college credits from 7 years ago. I do have a pre-cal. and a biology. I have to finish my BA then go to medicsl school. How long should it take for me to complete my BA? I assume(128 credits) with the max course load without burning out I could be in med school in 4 years maybe less…right thank you

That all depends on you. If you’re working you’ll either have to quit your job and go full time(not likely) or go to school part time. Sounds like you could do it in 3 years, but some classess you won’t want to take more than 2 or 3 classes per semsester, as your grades will suffer- and you want to get very good grades on your prereqs. Straight A’s if possible. So 3-4 years sounds realistic. Remember: your math and science grades-especially prereqs are the most important grades, and the ones they will scrutinize first. Don’t push yourself too hard too fast or you’ll shoot yourself in the foot.