Affect of class withdrawal on GPA

Hi Dr. Ryan,

First time caller long time listener [couldnt resist]. I’m an elderly pre-med at 42yrs, and with that have the full time job, family and other commitments one might expect. I am taking 10-12 prereq credits a semester, volunteering at the local ED, and working on MCAT/GAMSAT prep. Here’s the question: Do admissions committees look poorly on a single course withdrawal or would it be better to take a hit on my 3.84 GPA? Specifically it’s Gen-Chem2 that causing concern. The reason for my poor performance was scheduling conflicts for medical attention following a recent car accident leading to absence from some exams, quizzes and labs. I had to sacrifice one class and opted to keep up those I knew I could ace, despite the distraction. I already have a BA and MSc (artificial neural network modeling of human music discrimination) so I’m only taking science subjects in prep.

Thank you so much for the podcasts, they are a respite of reassurance on this sometimes lonely path.

You should be fine with one withdrawal. Your reasoning seems pretty justifiable too if someone brings it up.

Thanks Kenny, I’m taking these classes at a local community college and don’t have a pre-Ned advisor. So the support of you guys is a big help… much appreciated!