Age of letters of recommendation


I am curious to see what if any information I could be given about the age of letters of recommendation. I only ask because one of my strong letters of reco, is from a family D.O. and not to seem morbid, the doctor still practices, however if something were to happen due to age and unforseen circumstances would the letter if written today but not used until 3 years from now still hold the same validity?

This doctor has written a letter of reco once before for me, though this was before I had gotten sidetracked in my journey. Just curious to see what advice or insight you may offer. Thanks!

Sorry to bump this, but I am very curious as to whether or not the date of when a letter of reco is written makes a difference or not. I.E. A letter from 2 years ago would be accepted as one from 6 months ago. That’s sorta my question along those lines. Anyone have any insight to this?

I can’t answer your question and have been wondering the same

thing myself, but I wanted you to know someone was listening

(or reading). :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time letting me know that I am not the only one!

Maddux, I have sent Judy Colwell and e-mail to answer this question. She’s the best admissions consultant there is so we can take her answer to the bank!!! Watch for another post from me.


Also, Maddux and anyone else reading, it sounds like you have a lot of questions about the process, I wanted to suggest the conference in June if you can make it. This will be my first year to attend but from everything I have read about previous conferences, it’s worth a million bucks!!!

I would love to attend, however it is not feasible this year. If it were in Chi-Town I would be there in a New York minute! We (my wife and I) Did alot of vacationing this past summer, and I have season tix to the Tigers which is not free.

JCE believe me I will be at next years conference. Not too mention I also am having a nerve block this month on my back and surgery following, with rehab coming up afterwards.

I want to be as active as possible on the site, this is for sure. Thank you too for asking Judy, why did I not think of that??

Three years is a pretty long time to hope that a letter stays “current.” Sure, get the letter now, but maintain the relationship and down the road see about getting the letter updated. It’s one thing to have one “old” letter, but you want most of your letters to be as current as possible, particularly the academic letters. So,

  • Old is better than nothing

  • Updated “old” is better yet

  • Current is best of all.



Thank you so much Judy for taking time to “fill” me in, and JCE. I appreciate it greatly! I’m Sure I’ll have more questions, but this was one I could not really deicepher at all, so your experitse is appreciated immensely!