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So I was trying to use the search function and it looks like nobody has done an age poll in a while. I was just curious what the current crop of OPM’ers look like. I am in my early 30’s and will be mid 30’s by the time I have a chance to matriculate (knock on wood). I know that I have drawn a lot of courage and strength reading the stories of those beginning the journey even later in life then myself.

In reality, I just got off of shift and have time to kill (no classes right now) and am addicted to the site. So I thought I would generate another thread. Hopefully I set up the poll function correctly. I am a total newbie at forum participation.

It is addictive, though I couldn’t tell you why. The limit of my participation in forums and bulletin boards is usually one post and then I never look at them again.

I do more reading than posting.

Heh, I was a wee 25 yo when I began this process, but I knew the “slow and steady” path professed by OPMers would put me in the over-30 group by the time I matriculated… And for the next three weeks, I’m still in the 20-29 group!

So do you advocate “slow and steady” or did you do “fast and furious”?

I would always advocate “slow and steady” over “fast and furious” - there is not one step in this process you can afford to screw up with a potential overload. “S&S” is especially wise if you haven’t taken any pre-reqs. The only drawback in my case was that I went for an SMP because my pre-reqs were too recent for a post-bacc, but by the time I finished everything, my pre-reqs had expired for some schools.

Hi, is there a time limit or “expiration date” for premedical pre-reqs? Does it depend on each school?

  • ejhpharmd Said:
Hi, is there a time limit or "expiration date" for premedical pre-reqs? Does it depend on each school?

I would think that it depends on the school...some are fine if it has been a while, some want to see more recent attempts.

An important concern that you might want to consider is the MCAT, also considered the great equalizer...if there is a subject (bio/chem/ochem/physics) that you find that you need a better foundation in, you might want to reconsider taking one of these prereqs again if it has been quite a while. I think that one good way to figure that out is to try to take a practice test under timed-test conditions. When you review your answers, see if the reason why you may have been wrong has to do with not feeling comfortable with the subject or if it is just the test-taking process.

I think that the one subject that might be more requested to be frequent is biology since changes occur more frequently there than in chemistry or physics.

I’m not voting in the age poll 'cause I’m not pre-med… but just wanted to say to the OP that I heard your plea to delete your other poll and have done so. Thanks for the praise for what I do consider to be a pretty awesome website.


Thanks Mary! I just didn’t want to gum up the works with that other poll. It had been a long night of 911 calls for earaches etc… I think that everyone who is here knows how awesome it is.


As Kris mentioned, it varies between schools. Some schools are unwavering about the pre-reqs being completed within 5 years, and some schools are more lenient if you’ve done recent intensive coursework. This can be a sticking point for non-trads - while I don’t know of any schools that differentiate between a 22-yo and a 44-yo who completed their pre-meds within the past 4 yrs, it can be an issue for those who are completing classes piecemeal or taking additional time to “perfect” their application. Just something to be aware of. From what I’ve seen, though, some osteo schools are a bit more flexible in the timeline of when the pre-reqs are completed as long as you show recent MCATs.

I turn 30 later this year. Good times!

I also have a milestone coming up in the next two months. Yikes!