Aging Pre-reqs

I’ve heard a lot recently about ‘aging pre-reqs’ and some states not accepting pre-reqs older than 5-10 years. This is going to sound like a weird question, but if you took some of your pre-reqs say…10 years ago or more but have continued taking science classes or working in science do they still expire? It would seem silly to me to have to retake intro to biology after finishing an MS in molecular biology or teaching intro to biology for a couple of years blink.gif

thanks for the advice

you'd really have to check with the schools. I seem to recall someone here who heard from Duke (expire at 7 years) that if they were in fact teaching the course they would not have to have taken the course in the timeframe. of course, YMMV.
on the other hand, if you took gchem 12 years ago as part of a BSN, worked as an RN for the last 8-10 years - who knows if they would make you retake gchem. they just might. this would not be the same say, as working as a chemist

If you were continuing to take science classes throughout the years do you know if you'd still have to go back and retake the intros? ie…if you took inorganic I/II years ago but are now taking advanced inorganic…do you have to go back and take intro again?
Sorry for the stupid question.

This is a HUGE concern for me as well. My calculus course was complete back in 1993.

DcK - I already said this in your post about your PS, but I'm wondering where you got the info on a 10-year limit on prereqs. They didn't have that when I applied, and lots of my prereqs were older than 10 years. Are you using Fresh Start?
Kris - when you have special circumstances, the only thing you can do is ask the schools directly. I have found the ones to which I applied were very reluctant to make exceptions.

I think the adcom’s told him that, and it had/has nothing to do w/fresh start program. Although, since I’m relying on 2nd hand info. that may be “old”, I could be wrong.

If it's a Texas state school, the requirements are the same for all of them. I found the people at TMDSAS to be extremely helpful, and they usually answer the phone right away.
Hate to see you retake something you don't have to.