Walked out of the Ecology and Evolution final last week feeling that I may have missed maybe 4-6 of the 120 points. Grades posted today show me missing 21. I just don’t understand. I am going to make a trip to campus tomorrow to see if the instructor will be able to discuss it with me, but grades were due from them at noon today (15 minutes after the final grade was posted) so I don’t know what good it could do. Really frustrated at this point, but it’s a small school and I will have to take other courses from this instructor in the future and I need to figure out what the heck went wrong.

Grades can always be changed if something was dramatically wrong. It just takes more paperwork.

question. Will the 21 points make a dramatic affect on your grade and your over all GPA?

ya, I had ecology my senior year… made 95 on first test 67 on 2nd… (his tests are all fill in the blanks and he made the 2nd one particularly difficult.) went to go talk to prof after 2nd and he said that if I could make 92 or above on the next 2 tests he’ll give me a A for the class.

I made a 96 on 3rd test. 88 on the final which I studied all night for right after my biochem final.

Didn’t get an A. Thats just how life works sometimes lol…