AIEEEEE! I just hit Submit!

I’m still waiting for April MCAT scores, so I hope I’m not wasting my $.
I am so excited! I can’t wait!!! Come on, secondary!!!

That’s great that you’re getting a head start on the app process. I, on the other hand, am going to ride out the next four weeks until those scores come. I honestly have no idea how I did on the MCAT, and my pockets are tight wink.gif

hee…I’m submitting early thanks to my income tax refund. wink.gif

I know how you feel, I submitted my TMDSAS just the other day. I was giddy! It’s hard to believe I’ve actually gotten to this point. biggrin.gif
Looks like we can’t submit AMCAS until June 3.
Good luck!

I too have just hit the submit button! Wow, I can't believe how fast the time has gone that brought me to this point!

Of all the stupid things, I’m stuck because I can’t decide which schools to apply to! rolleyes.gif
Today is the first day to submit AMCAS and I’ve had the durn thing filled out for 2-3 weeks! Then I started second guessing the schools. Should I apply to more? Less? Only schools I’m actively interested in or any school I’m willing to attend???
Mind you, TMDSAS went in over a week ago and I’ve already filled out secondaries for those schools! I guess Texas makes it simple.
But I have this dream school… They probably won’t even give me a second look… ph34r.gif
Grrr what’s with me today?

QUOTE (TheresaW @ Jun 3 2003, 10:14 AM)
But I have this dream school... They probably won't even give me a second look... ph34r.gif
Grrr what's with me today?

Theresa, sometimes dreams come true, so sweet dreams!

Thanks so much! biggrin.gif
I managed to get over my hesitations and submit the AMCAS shortly after I posted this morning.
Felt like it should have had more fanfare, you know? But I suppose this is a long road with many markers along the way. Applying is only the beginning!
Throw me in that briar patch!
I know i’m mixing my metaphors! rolleyes.gif

For some reason that just cracks me up every time I see it laugh.gif

Well, that’s how it feels! “Whee-hoo!” comes to mind as well, and I’m doing a mental "happy dance."
NOW, I’ve also added, “Crap, no MCAT scores yet.” ohmy.gif Not like I can’t READ, for heaven’s sake! My head knows that the scores won’t be out until June 24, but my heart wants them NOW!
Good luck, Theresa and everyone who is applying for 2004!

I started on AMCAS before the convention and its all finished except for the personal statement. I'm still hashing over that. I need to fill out TMDSAS and ACOMAS also but am feeling lethargic. I'm waiting on those MCAT scores too. This waiting is really messing with my head!