Am I Insane?


Working now - in my mid-50’s - to take the new 2015 MCAT, then apply. Am also going to take the GRE this Fall for application to one of the linked Masters programs.

A little about me:

*3.62 overall undergrad GPA, 3.68 science GPA.

*took the MCAT in 2000 and scored 29 (11VR, 10BS, 8PS, S writing)

*published research in anatomy and surgical procedure 1993

*good LOR’s

*extensive time in clinic and the hospital caring for two dying parents, and a son with nec fasc

*medical science teacher at a for-profit undergrad college since 2005 (I know, I know, but hey, I gotta’ eat…)

I realize I will have to do so much better on the GRE and MCAT than traditional students to lay to rest some of the questions about age, etc. I took the MCAT without having finished the second half of physics and chem, so having now completed these, am shooting for the equivalent of a 34 or better. I’ve got about 10 months to go and have been at it for a month now at about 15 hours a week (this weekly time will slowly increase).

I was hoping for a bit of support and encouragement here, but maybe I’m just delusional or in denial. At this point in life, it’s about doing those things that are important to a meaningful existence. And who knows, I might win the lottery on school. I’m hoping some program, somewhere will think of me as just interesting enough to take a chance.

So…thank you all for reading my rather lengthy post here - and fire away!

Best wishes to all!

I just turned 50 on 8/17, sitting for the MCAT on 1/15/15, hoping for 32 or better.

Allopath is the only path I will consider.

Given the stats by AAMC, there has been exactly…

NO ONE over 50 that has matriculated into an Allopathic med school for the period 2009 - 2012…

As long as you know that going in, what have you got to lose?!

$275 and a lot of studying… if you don’t get in.

What have you got to gain if you do?

Happy belated birthday, and thanks for your reply!

Just curious, why are you not considering osteopathic as well?

Among other things, it is not accepted internationally. The rights and privledges conferred on MD v DO for the international community vary widely and I’d rather just MD and be done.

I carry a 3.98 BCPM from 2009 to now (all med school pre-reqs), have shadowed doctors, volunteering is a part of who I am not something I do, and if I can manage a 32 MCAT… really, the only thing as a check against me (IMO) is my age.

So, I had checked out. Decided the “B” I got was a med school killer. Went on with my life with that niggling voice saying, “Really??? You’re gonna stop now???”

My last breath is the MCAT. If I do well, it is MD or bust. And if bust is what occurs, I’m going to be sad for a bit but I did not quit.

I have everything to gain by trying and absolutely nothing but $275 for MCAT registration and $1999 for KAPLAN to lose.

Pennies in order to finalize chasing the dream.

For me, I know the odds are beyond stacked against me… I’m okay with that.

Are you wanting to practice internationally or just want the international recognition of the conferred degree? There’s a map somewhere on the AACOM site that shows where the DO degree is recognized with no restrictions on practice. Your choice either way, just want to make sure you realize that DO won’t prevent you from practicing in all places outside the US.

Thanks again for your reply!

It’s encouraging to hear from another person who is going all in, odds be damned!

Kenny, yes I checked it out 6 years ago when starting this. I have every intention of practicing internationally and no DO is not conferred the rights and privledges of the MD. Sadly.

Side by side, I’m pretty sure COMLEX and USMLE are darn near exact.

DO v MD is a touchy subject. My own doctor is a DO and I adore him… too bad he’s so damn young or I’d have to find a new doc

He is a stellar doc, everything I’d hope to be with the MD at end of name vs. DO. He and I have talked as well and his own POV is “MD” for me.

See… to me, those who choose the DO path have to be stronger, more confident, more everything in many ways because it seems they are always having to defend the DO.

There are many on this forum, the old timers, that I have so much respect for and no doubt, they are awesome physicians. NOT DO physicians but PHYSICIANS!

I’m insane too, applying MD/PhD next year in my late 40’s.

I get the odds against you but I don’t think you’re insane, I think its inspiring. And anyone who tries to discourage you from going forward based on age alone probably gave up on their own dreams a long time ago. It would be insane, IMO, to not go forward in light of all you’ve already accomplished. Best of luck to you on the MCAT and application process!


I just signed up for this site, its great to see that other people around my age are in the same boat that i am. I am 56 and current attending premed. My kids are gone and settled, i divorced my husband, was in a career that did not fulfilled me, at this stage of my life, i am starting over. The saying “you only live once” is not correct, you live 1+ within a life time, this is my second life, want it to be “about me” not about my spouse, my kids, or the money. As always we are going to find obstacles, but dont give up, and always believe in yourself. Really what do you have to loose? not much, even if you dont make it to med school, you have enriched your life going through school. life is not about the destination, but about the journey.

Yes you are definitely insane… You are asking a bunch of crazy folk whether or not you’re crazy makes you even crazier. Welcome aboard the crazy train!

Are you insane? The question is Am I? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

If you think about this as the fulfillment of a dream, and less as an age factor…

Who cares?? It’s your life, and your dream!!

If not being ‘young’ makes one insane then add me to the list as well. I’m also in my 40s and planning to apply next fall.

When I graduated from nursing school years ago there was a student in my cohort who was age 60. That person had worked an entire career in another industry and was retired. Then decided to come back to school because they had always wanted to be a hospice RN (motivated by a life-changing experience, and became all about death with dignity). Even at 60, that nurse went on to grad school, became an NP, and eventually became the owner of a very successful hospice gig. Back when we were first starting out in nursing school, there were those who used to say that that student was crazy to be doing this at that age. This was a while ago, but I remember that even then most of the students who were in my nursing program weren’t all that young either. Most were in their 40s and back in school to switch careers. In grad school, its mostly older students (40s and 50s) who are in my NP program now. Same thing that I see in the CRNA program and the PA, etc programs here.

Of course, med school is a whole different animal, and, yes, there is age discrimination in certain places but I won’t let that be a deterrent for me. I plan to live out the rest of my years right here in the good ole USA so the DO vs MD thing isn’t all that important to me. I actually have some DO schools on my list of places that I plan to apply to. If the local schools won’t take me then I’m going to the Caribbean, but I will not stop and I will not be denied this. Yes, I want it that bad!

Welcome and best of luck to you!!! It can be done. I’m proof. I’m 52 and currently in my first year of residency. I graduated from OUM an international Med school. They do not discriminate based on age!!