Am I only person who is nervous?

Hi everyone, I’m getting to ready to start my post-bacc classes this summer. I just read about the books and materials I will need for class and I got nervous. It’s like I’ve been debating this and just looking forward to it for so long. Now that it’s actually time - I feel nervous. It hit me that I will be immersed in science, which is sooo different than anything I’ve done for the past 26 years of my life. I’m so excited to be pursuing this dream, even those others think this makes me certifiable. But I’d lie if I said I weren’t nervous. Is anyone dealing with this? Did anyone else deal with this and how’d you cope?

I was alternately petrified and thrilled. Enjoy the thrilling moments when they come, and immerse yourself in the details of what to do to get ready when petrified. It helps push you back into thrilled. It didn’t work all the time. So yes, I had it, too. I think most people do.
The first exam really sucked, too. After that I found a rhythm and it got much better.

Are you the only one who is nervous?
Hell, NO! When I first started I was nervous all the time. I think you just get used to it. Now, my last few months have been really trying for a number of reasons and that has changed what makes me nervous but you are not alone.

You’ll be fine. Once you get in the swing of things and start thinking science, it won’t be so bad.
I remember starting my undergrad years in 1998. I had been a freelance photographer and hadn’t done science classes since high school. I was really nervous, but after I got past Biology I, I was in a groove and my thinking patterns started to change and evolve into a more scientific pattern. Now I think in a whole different way about things around me and things I read or learn about.
You will be fine, just relax and give it time. Good luck.

Yep, definitely nervous. That’s what caused me to only start with 1 class in my first semester back to school. Embrace that nervousness, work hard, focus, and before you know it the nervousness turns into excitement and a little bit of a feeling of fulfillment as you work toward your dream. Good luck and you’ll do fine…just relax.