Am I ready to apply to med school?

I graduated with my BS in biology in 2020 but due to poor grades (cGPA: 3.11, sGPA: 2.92, had an upward trend in undergrad with the exception of a dip in junior year from having taken on too much at once), I enrolled in an MS in biology program (just graduated with a 4.0 GPA) because I was pre-dental at the time and the admissions counselor from a local dental school recommended it. During the master’s, I took ~30 hours of cross-listed undergrad/grad classes such as virology, neuroanatomy, cell physiology, biophysical chemistry, etc. I will be retaking the organic chemistry sequence at the undergrad level to bring my sGPA up to at least a 3.0, while studying for the MCAT. ECs and letters are strong. My question is, do I need to take more classes at the undergrad level and delay applying even more despite my master’s and getting my sGPA from undergrad to at least a 3.0? I am open to both MD and DO. At this point, it will take many credits to change my uGPA at all and I am running out of upper-level science to take since I took so many cross-listed undergrad/grad courses in my master’s. Note: a local med school said they don’t have a preference between post-bacc and master’s just as long as the GPA is high.