Am I Weird? Anyone Else Out There Share This?

My husband bought me some medical books for my birthday and I LOVE reading them. I am absolutely fascinated by the human body and cannot think of a more interesting, complex topic to read about. I could spend hours just reading about dieases, symptoms etc.
My co-workers think I am strange…I have a good social life and am by no means an introvert–but I am starting to wonder–am I strange? Do other people read these books with such interest? I guess I should be telling myself that it does not matter what they think–but in a vulnerable moment I am wondering if I am? LOL
I guess I am wondering if anyone else out there is like me…I cannot read enough or learn enough and am always looking for more to read on the human body. It has been an interest since I was an adolescent.
E Lynne

You know what’s REALLY weird? Shame and willful ignorance about the human body. After all, it is the only thing that every living person has in common.

Amen to that!! I have often had discussions with my German cousins about the American pre-occupation with shame and the human body. They suspect it stems from our Puritanical routes. What is your theory?
E Lynne

Lynne -
I also love reading books with a medical theme. I particularly enjoy forensic pathology books. My current book that I’m working on is called “Stiff”. Its a collection of stories about how donated human cadavers are used. Pretty interesting. And yes, my fiance thinks I’m weird.

You are NOT alone! I have always liked books about medicine and science, even sat down and read my Stedman’s medical dictionary when I got it!!

Whew–I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be among like people…I have felt like such a square peg in a round role until I met my friend who is in her third year and my OBGYN friend.
That sounds like a good book–I might try to track that one down…
E Lynne

Gosh I read books like that all the time. I mean why wouldn’t we right? LOL

Just out of curiosity… what books did he give you?